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LASER ~ ELOS Technology

The word LASER is actually an acronym that stands for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation". Latest & most advanced lasers are combination laser. The combination of both radio-frequency and optical energy in the Syneron system is known as ELOS technology. With this combination technology, system has become more powerful and safe to produce excellent results in all skin types and hair color. This highly advance ELOS ( based LASER is U.S.A. FDA approved and the only laser which removes white hair also. We are proud to be pioneers in using it. This is the most advanced non invasive technique for long term hair reduction, which can treat large areas in short time without skin damage.

ELOS is used for the following procedures

Hair reduction
The diode hair removal was the gold standard in hair removal solutions till Elos technology went a step further and combined diode Laser with radio frequency technology to give a power full and a safe system which can be used in all skin types and hair color. Laser facility & Hair removal by laser is in Ludhiana
The melanin in the hair absorbs the laser light and destroys the follicle . The next hair that grow are finer and lighter. Multiple sittings are required for hair reduction or removal. Usually 8 to 10 sittings are required at an interval of four weeks.

Wrinkle reduction
The Elos applicator uses a proprietary synergy of light and conducted Bipolar RF to create the deep thermal heating needed to both shrink and generate new collagen while protecting the epidermis.
Use of this combination of modalities results in overlapping light beams penetrating deep into the dermis to a depth of up to 2.5 mm to pre-heat the target tissue, and the RF energy being drawn to the target. This puts the thermal zone where it is effective for wrinkle treatment, while being gentle on the epidermis.
"The level of satisfaction is high for a majority of our patients who receive treatment with the WR. After three treatments, wrinkle reduction is approximately 40% decreased, and the number goes up to 70% to 75% after treatment six."

Photo facial
Removal of spider veins
Telangiectasia( Dilated superficial blood vessels )
Facial Rejuvenation

elos hair reduction procedure