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Hair Reduction { Laser Hair Removal }

Laser hair removal has proven to be a very popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedure. after hair removal processIt is a non-invasive, convenient way to permanently reduce unwanted facial or body hair . hair on face above lips before treatmentUnwanted or excessive hair is a problem for a long time, both for women and men.
Unwanted hair on chin , legs, chest , abdomen and an inappropiate pair of eyebrows or excessive hair growth in the underarms or hair growth on the upper back is unaesthetic and embarrassing. This can be quite jarring and can ruin an otherwise pretty women.

Nowadays a lot of men are opting for laser hair reduction as well on areas such as the chest and back. Other modalities like Plucking and waxing can be painful and there is a risk for scarring, swelling and skin darkening.

Laser hair reduction has replaced painful electrolysis and waxing with techniques which are painless & much better.
Laser facility and Hair removal by laser in Ludhiana

Benefits of Laser Hair removal

• A non-invasive, gentle technique that cause significant reduction or eliminates undesirable hair from all parts of the body. • Leaves skin looking smoother and silkier. • Minimal discomfort.. • Immediate return to normal activities.

A consultation with the doctors is a better and sure way for deciding the treatment. The doctor will acertain the right technology for hari removal depending upon the area and level of growth etc.

IPL{Intense pulse light} which uses {LHE}Light Heat Energy
This is a new generation laser that enables hair removal from virtually any part of body safely quickly and efficiently and permanently. LHE works on the principle of selective photothermolysis that uniquely utilizes Light and Heat energy that selectively causes permanent destruction of hair follicle.

ipl hair reduction

hair reduction using elos laser
ELOS {Laser & RF}
The diode hair removal was the gold standard in hair removal solutions till Elos technology went a step further and combined diode Laser with radiofrequency technology to give a power full and a safe system which can be used in all skin types and hair color.
The melanin in the hair absorbs the laser light and destroys the follicle . The next hair that grow are finer and lighter. Multiple sittings are required for hair reduction or removal.Usually 8 to 10 sittings are required at an interval of four weeks.