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ipl skin stationSkin Station

IPL {Intense pulse light}

The latest addition to existing hi-tech facilities is {LHE}Light Heat Energy unit known as skin station {Israel technology} which uses the Science of Light & Heat Energy (LHE) technology to deliver effective and safe skin care LHE Phototherapy uses light to heal or treat a medical or aesthetic condition Phototherapy balances wavelengths, intensity and exposure (pulse) duration to tailor each treatment to specific needs & conditions

IPL can be used for the following
ACNE {pimples}
Acne is a disorder of skin's sebaceous glad that result in plugged pores and outbreak of lesions. LHE is used for management of all stages of Acne and shortens the total period of treatment
1.existing pimples pimples
3.infected pimples acne scarring
oily secretion from skin
before hair reductionafter hair removal Hair Reduction
LHE technology gives best results for difficult to treat fine facial hair and is also effective for Hair Removal from large areas like back, abdomen, arms and legs LHE works on the principle of selective photo thermolysis that uniquely utilizes Light and Heat energy selectively causing permanent destruction of hair follicles
congenital birth mark nalvi aftercongenital birth mark nalvi before and after

Birth marks & Scars
can also be effectively treated effectively with Light & Heat Energy (LHE) technology
Skin station

acne pimple removal

Psoriasis Care

Photo Rejuvenation

Skin Tightening
Collagen Renewal

Telangiectasia ( Dilated superficial skin vessels)
Pigmented Lesions


Specifications of Skin Station
* Non-invasive * Non-abrasive * Clinically proven results * No down time * Easy to use
* Proven safety and efficacy for all skin types